In addition to contrast material intravenously it is also possible to inject contrast material into the joint (intra articular). For a good assessment of the shoulder, it’s necessary to inject contrast material intra articular to assess the tendons of the shoulder muscles. Also the bursa, cartilage and labrum can be better assessed. The injection is performed in another room, under fluoroscopic guidance the contrast material is injected in the joint.

The radiologist will inform you and will also perform the injection. First there will be a disinfection of the skin, followed by local anaesthesia. As soon as the radiologist is at the correct position, the contrast material will be injected. You will feel a slight pressure in the joint (up to 12 hours after the examination), because now there is an artificial oedema in the joint. After the contrast material is injected, the MRI will be performed.

You will lie down on a table that slides into the MRI-scanner, in supine position with your head first. After the examination there are no limitations, so you can drive a car or go back to work (if possible). The duration whole procedure (from injection to the MRI examination) is around 60 minutes.

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