There are several variants of CT guided local pain therapy, which will be guided with computer tomography. Especially with back pain, such as a herniated discus, a CT guided Infiltration may be an approach of a promising treatment.

Preparation for the CT guided Infiltration

After the treatment you are not allowed to drive a vehicle, so you should bring someone with you who can take you home. After the drug has been injected, it can lead to nerve failures (till 24 h) with numbness and loss of power. After 24 hours, the local anaesthesia loses its effect and the developed numbness or loss of power will disappear completely.

As soon as you get your appointment, please inform us if you take blood thinners. In some cases, the blood thinners should be stopped for a few days.


As mentioned above, the examination will be performed with computer tomography, that means the doctor can place the needle at the exact place. With this examination there will be an anaesthesia and cortisone injected at the region that gives the complains. You have to lie in prone position or on the left/right side. The treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes. During the examination several scans will be performed, so the needle can be brought to the right place step by step. First there will be a disinfection of the skin, followed by local anaesthesia. There can be some complications, for example it may an infection or a bleeding. But these complications mentioned before, are very rare. It is also possible, after the drug is injected, that nerve failures can come (till 24 h) with numbness and loss of power, see the appendix above ‘Preparation for the CT guided Infiltration’.


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