If you have problems with you elbow, wrist, hand or finger there can be several reasons to perform a MRI. You have had a trauma (recent or for a few months ago), wrong movement or chronic pain. Performing a MRI can show e.g. fractures, inflammations (rheumatic, overload, etc.), or problem with tendons. The duration of the different examinations is between 20 and 30 minutes.


What is the procedure?

If possible, for all above mentioned examinations, the scan is performed in prone position with your head first and your arm in superman position. It is important that you lie comfortably and remain still during the examination, so please tell us if you need more pillows or other support.


When is contrast material being used?

Contrast material intravenously is necessary when inflammation of the tendons or joints are suspected. It is also necessary for tumour diagnostics or necrosis. If we’re looking for TFCC lesion (Triangular fibrocartilaginous complex), contrast material intra articular is recommended. The procedure of the injection is exactly the same as for the shoulder.

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