MRI examination of the breast is performed by different questions, for example a lump in the breast that needs further clarification, if surgery is planned, if the results of the mammography or sonography aren’t clear, if there is a high risk of familial breast cancer or if you need to check your breast implants.

What is the procedure for a breast MRI?

For this examination lie with you face down and your breast will be positioned through openings in a breast coil. Before the examination starts, you need to lie very comfortable. Inform the radiographer if you want more pillows or sheets for support. The examination takes 20 to 25 minutes and you have to remain still during the examination. Please inform the radiographer if you have breast implants (one side or both sides). It is necessary to inject contrast material intravenously during the examination and several scans will be performed. Afterwards the computer needs to calculate and match different scans, sometimes it’s necessary to perform some measurements of individual anatomical areas.

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